Newsletter – Welcome to the New Year (2019-2020)


Hi Parents! 

Welcome to another academic year with us at The Primeron.  We had such a great summer with fun water activities, playing outside, going for walks, coloring with chalk on the sidewalks, and so much more. Now that the weather has decided to get a little cooler and dryer (most days), we are looking forward to a fun Fall with some exciting new educational programs and new systems to help keep you better informed about your child's day and learning with us. Stay tuned for more details coming out soon! 

Some awesome Family Events that we have coming up are the Trunk-or-Treat event in October and our Thanksgiving Family Luncheon in November. You will receive information about both of these events shortly. We have always had such a great turn out for the Trunk-or-Treat and Thanksgiving Luncheon, the children absolutely love them and have a blast! It is wonderful to see our little community come together and do something fun.  

As with every Fall, we have gone through all your children's files and are in the process of updating all paperwork. Thank you so much for your patience, cooperation, and understanding during this (sometimes hectic) process. While we may only need small updates here and there throughout the year, we only do this one big update in September.  

As you know from our new Acknowledgement of Policies, we have made a few changes to our policies. There are so many awesome and innovative things that we are doing at The Primeron, that we want to make sure that our focus is always on your children and their safety and education. Please know that anytime we make a change, it is for your overall benefit and that of your child.  A lot of consideration goes into every decision we make and changes that we make. As these new policies come into place, please feel free to reach out to us and express any concerns or ask any questions. 

Our School Age program is up and running with the Fall session of clubs! Newsletter club is working on what sections will be in their Newsletter; Chess club is learning what the different pieces are named and gearing up for their first games; and Hydroponics club just planted their first herbs of the Fall! In other exciting news - we have expanded our School Age program to include Odenton Elementary, Odenton Christian, and Piney Orchard Elementary! Can't wait to see what this year brings in School Age.  

There are many new and exciting things coming our way in the near future. Thank you, as always, for your continued support and partnership in your child's early education

Farewell to Summer

farewell-summerWe had a fun-filled summer with field trips, splash days, and lots of learning! But all good things come to an end. We explored themes such as space, baking, and fitness. We are happy to have had the opportunity to enjoy all our friends at summer camp and we look forward to a successful school year.

Curriculum Updates

As we move into this school year, our new curriculum is now being implemented in the One- and Two-Year Classrooms.  Our curriculum, as current parents are aware and absolutely love, is very structured and academic in nature.  We focus on the basics throughout the day – Mathematics and English.  And, yes, children ages 2 and above do get homework every week. This helps consolidate the concepts we are teaching and informs parents about what we are doing in class and where their child stands with respect to understanding the material.  Of course, all this academics teaching is interspersed with many fun activities such as Arts, Crafts, Centers, etc. 

We also started implementation in the Three- and Four-Year Classrooms. Ms. Gwen, our Assistant Director for Academics, has also completed the new Kindergarten curriculum and has been implemented.  Each year has monthly themes, Common Core literacy and math skills, science, art, and an independent reading component. As always, we look forward to working with all our scholars and teachers to help them reach their maximum potential-every day! 

What’s coming in 2020

Here's what to watch out for in 2020.  School Age Clubs-We are excited to announce that we are offering a larger choice of clubs for our school age students. Students can ow choose from the hydroponics (growing plants and vegetables without soil), chess, or newsletter clubs. After studying these areas over several months, students will work towards a culminating activity in the spring.  

new-in-2020Robotics-We are also considering the use of robots in the classroom to assist with teaching languages and other literacy and math skills. Children are very enthralled with robots and tend to listen with rapt attention – thus increasing comprehension and retention.  Homework-Be on the lookout for homework each and every week starting in our two's and continuing through to our kindergarten class. Homework reiterates the skills being worked on in the classroom and provides parents a way to connect with their child and keep abreast of what is happening in the classroom. Homework also teaches children the importance of study habits when they get older. Please make sure to check for homework every week. 


If at any time you have any academic issues, please feel free to contact Ms. Gwen, Assistant Director - Academics