Newsletter August 7, 2015



Greetings Parents! Hope everyone is having fun this has been quite hot...but never fear for Fall is almost here...!!

Oh, and by the way, if you see someone without a smile, give them yours...!

Additional Capability Added to Sign-on Process

Communication, of course, is important - especially between our staff and parents. We have now added the capability to provide messages to parents when they sign in.

There are two categories of messages. First, those that are specific for a given parent. This might include things like, "please see front desk" or "your paperwork is ready" or "incident report to be signed."

Second, we may enter general announcements intended for all parents. These may include messages like "playground closed on Aug 7" or "please remember that re-registration is due in August."

We believe this capability will allow parents to avoid late payment fees because there will be an automatic reminder every week that a balance is due.

The sign-on process will be the same. Just press "Child" and then wait for the message (if any). Then proceed as you would normally do. Announcements may come at the end of your sign-in process so please do look at the display after you press "Enter."

Lastly, some messages are too large to be displayed on the sign-on screen. In that case, the message will refer you to the large Digital Display on the table in the front office.

There are other important messages as well on the large Digital Display so please do look at that when you drop or pick up your children.

New Curriculum to begin in September

Starting early September (exact date to be announced later) we will begin implementation of our new curriculum in the 4-5 year old room. Roll out will proceed on to the 3 year and 2 year old rooms subsequently. We anticipate spending about 2 weeks on the first roll out so that we can troubleshoot any glitches. Subsequently, we will spend about one week in each of the 3 and 2 year old classrooms.


It has come to our attention that the current Waithold Policy does not serve the needs of the majority of parents. As such this will be changed starting August 15th, 2015. In essence, Waithold will now be determined on a case by case basis. Details are available at the front desk if desired.

New Staff

Two of our teachers, Ms. Melanie and Ms. Shelea had babies last week (Congratulations!!). Additionally, Ms. Stephanie Thomas decided to change her career and is now enrolled in school to study Interior Designing - we wish her the best. The following new teachers have joined us:

1. Ms. Cortnee Carter (Infant room).
2. Ms. Hailey Hoover (3 year old room).

We also anticipate more staff starting over the next month.

Revised Daily Sheets and Paper Communication

Our new daily sheets are now completely in use and they have been largely popular and successful. There are, of course, some who don't like change but, as they say, "change is the only constant."

The Primeron believes in being environmentally conscious and we will be implementing processes over the next few months that will not only be environmentally sound but will also help reduce costs.

Our first endeavor will be to save paper. Now that parents are familiar and comfortable with Daily sheets we will, in the near future, start using both sides of the paper. You are welcome to take the sheets home but if the other side is not filled out, please bring it back so that we can use it again. Once both sides are filled out then you make keep it at home.


We would like to thank all our parents and children for enrolling in our Summer Math, English and Fun Clubs. We hope they were useful and provided a head start for the next school year.

We will be closed August 21, 2015