Newsletter June 19, 2015



Greetings Parents! Summer is here and whew! It is hot and humid. But never fear, FALL itself will be upon us soon!

...and also, if you see someone without a smile, give them yours...!

Daily Sheets Upgraded - Pilot Next Week

We are in the process of changing the design of our Daily Sheets so that they are intuitive and easier to interpret. We will be piloting these new Daily Sheets in the 3 and 4 year old classrooms on Monday June 22, 2015. This will give parents and our teachers an opportunity to provide feedback so that we can then further improve and refine the design to make it as efficient and easy to use and interpret as possible. We look forward to your input as we know these sheets are very important to our parents.

Update on Curriculum Changes

We are currently working very hard (including weekends!) to get the new curriculum in place by early September. At this time we feel that we are on schedule.

We are very excited about the new curriculum which will be streamlined, efficient to disseminate, and consistent. We are designing it in a way which will facilitate these goals. Of note, the curriculum will be entirely on computers. These computers have already been installed in four classrooms.

Our goal is to pilot the new curriculum (when ready) in these four classrooms and ferret out any "bugs." Once all the "bugs" have been removed and the process is deemed to be smooth, then it will be rolled out to the other classrooms.

We would be delighted to incorporate any input parents may have in designing the curriculum. Once it is rolled out in September, we will then be ready to entertain any suggestions parents might have. Don't worry, there will still be plenty of time to change or modify the execution of the curriculum.

Please note that daily homework will still be an integral part of the curriculum as it has numerous benefits (described in previous newsletters).

We very much appreciate your enthusiasm and thank you for your patience and support as we continue to evolve.

Interesting Information!

Staff change is a "constant" in the early education - child care industry. Did you know that staff turnover averages about 15-25% in this industry? There are multiple reasons for this and there is a large amount of literature available on this topic on the internet if you wish to study this further.

This interesting fact has important implications for us. We understand that both parents and children like consistency in teachers. Balancing this desire with the reality of 15-25% turnover is a challenge - and we are working hard to overcome that.

Staffing Update

There will be a few changes in staffing as we move forward over the summer months.

1. Ms. Melanie Young will be on maternity leave in July sometime and is currently not planning to return so she can spend more time with her growing family. We wish her the best!

2. We anticipate some new additions to the toddler rooms (and possibly some changes as well) as more children enroll.

3. Ms. Emily Sonneborne will be leaving - also to stay home with her children.

Feedback from Parents and Staff

Feedback from parents and staff is a critical part of our continuous improvement program. Please do not hesitate to give us any feedback you might have - no matter how trivial you think it might be.

As we move forward we are planning improvements in every aspect of our operations and knowing about any major dissatisfiers ahead of time is useful.

You can talk to Arby or Lisa at any time. We thank you very much for all your feedback so far and for helping us improve our operations.

SUMMER CAMPS are beginning June 22nd

Please register! Also, please send SUNSCREEN...!!! THANKS.

- on a different note, there is a virus going please wash hands often...!!!