Newsletter April 24, 2015



Greetings Parents! Spring is indeed here and we are rolling into Summer and so, if you see someone without a smile, give them yours...!

Graduation Date For 4 year Olds is June 12 is that time again. Your 4 year old will be graduating to Kindergarten this year. We have selected June 12 (6 pm) for the ceremony as the best time that suits most parents. Location will be The Primeron. Also, please note that the ceremony will use the two large classrooms - which means that your child may not be in the usual classroom when you come to pick him/her up.

Change Continues Apace and on Schedule

We are pleased to inform you that changes in staff, curriculum, and in other areas (see story on right) are moving as scheduled. You will by now have seen some new staff members (described under "New Staff" below right) as they settle into their respective classrooms.

Please note that we are in the final stages of staffing changes and we should have this completed over the next two weeks. We are delighted with the new staff members and they will be taking up implementation of the new curriculum with enthusiasm.

Speaking of the new curriculum, that is also progressing on schedule. We are deliberately going slowly, but steadily, with the change in the curriculum so that it is as seamless as possible. For example, parents in the 4 year old room must have noticed that their children now get homework everyday. This is an important part of our curriculum and will be phased in over the next several weeks into the other classrooms as well.

Additionally, over the next two weeks, we shall be installing computers in the 2, 3, and 4 year old classrooms so that teachers have access to all curriculum-related materials.

We are also delighted by the feedback that our parents have provided us. It seems that the new curriculum, homework, and other changes are strongly supported by all the parents we have spoken with. We very much appreciate your enthusiasm and thank you for your patience and support as we continue to evolve.

Security System Now Updated

Parents will most certainly have noticed our new, updated security entry system - which it seems has instantly become very popular. This is based on your fingerprint and not only provides enhanced security (no lost Fobs!) but also convenience for our parents (can't lose or forget your finger in your car).

We have initially attempted to enroll parents who either don't have a fob or have "lost" them. Over the next two weeks we will be enrolling all parents. During this two week period we will also keep the Fob system operational. However, at the end of two weeks the Fobs will be discontinued. Please do turn them in at that time.

New Staff

We are delighted to announce our new teachers since the last newsletter:

1. Ms. Emily Sonneburn - Toddler 1 Classroom
2. Ms. Allison Ford - Infant/Toddler/2 year olds

We are nearing the completion of staffing changes. Please persevere with us, however, as over the next few weeks, we may move teachers around (just a bit) to match teaching styles and patterns. This is an investment in long term stability where teachers are able to teach in an optimal environment.

Homework is a Key Part of the New Curriculum

As noted above, homework is now given daily to 4 year olds and will also be phased in for the 3 and 2 year olds. Homework, oh no!! Well, homework plays a critical role in the development of children for the following reasons:

First - It allows your child to review what he/she learnt that day - thus allowing him/her to be ready to proceed to the next lesson the following day.

Second - It provides information to parents about what we are teaching your child every day.

Third - It provides a nice, quiet time between parent and child during which the parent gets to know exactly how much his child can learn and the child gets to know that their parents take learning seriously.

These early habits are critical to success in your children's future and we hope you will support us in this endeavor. Also, PLEASE BRING THE HOMEWORK BACK TO THE CLASSROOM THE NEXT DAY. Thanks!


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