Newsletter April 3, 2015



Greetings Parents! Hope everyone is recovering from the storms. Don't fret...Spring is almost in the air. In the mean time, though, here are some updates for you.

Oh, and by the way, if you see someone without a smile, give them yours...!

Anticipated Changes Now in Progress

We have been discussing impending changes in the new curriculum and staff for the last few months. We are now in the active implementation stage and you will notice a few changes. The most obvious will be some staff changes as we had predicted and informed all parents about. We are pleased to tell you that there will be new staff in the two year old room and also the three year old room. Please see below right for names of new staff.

Once the new staff, which is starting this Monday (April 6th), has settled in and the children have gotten to know them, we will begin the change in the curriculum. This change will be introduced slowly and seamlessly over the next two to three months. This step-wise introduction will allow the staff, parents, and most importantly, the children to assimilate the change in a methodical and smooth fashion.

We are very excited about the new curriculum - as it will indeed teach our children to their maximal potential everyday. Please note, however, that we are still in the pilot phase in April and May so we might change a few things as the program evolves.

Tax Statements

Your tax statements are ready...and have been for a while. Please pick them up as soon as possible...Uncle SAM is anxiously waiting for your tax money!

Security System and Other Updates Starting Friday

Starting Friday, April 10, 2015, we will be updating our security system. This pertains to the door where parents swipe their Key Fob. The changes will last into next week and are designed to make entry into the classroom area easier and more convenient for parents.

Additionally, we anticipate parents not having to sign in their children in two places - as they are currently doing. However, this will take some time as we update other systems AFTER we have updated the entry security system

New Staff

Our new teachers starting April 6th, 2015 are as follows:

1. Ms. Sonia Henderson (2 year old room).
2. Ms. Vanessa Jones (3 year old room).
3. Ms. Sierra Banks (2 year old room).

We also anticipate more staff starting later this week or next week. They will be in the Infant room and also in the new Toddler room - which we are opening due to increased demand.

Please note that we wish to keep teachers in the same room as much as possible. However, as we adjust for staffing requirements and for the new curriculum, we anticipate just a few changes here and there. We expect to have all staffing patterns determined within one month.

Daily Sheets and Other Paper Communication

The Primeron believes in being environmentally conscious and we will be implementing processes over the next few months that will not only be environmentally sound but will also help reduce costs.

Our first endeavor will be to save paper. Daily sheets and other reports will be, starting April 13th, double sided. That means that any reports on paper that are produced daily will be double sided and will be available to take home only every other day. Parents will, of course, have access to these reports when they come to pick up their children. However, these reports can only be taken home every other day - that is when the other side is also completed.

This is a small step - but all long journeys begin with a few small steps.


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