Newsletter September 5, 2017


Welcome to the New School Year

Well, here it is again...a new school year. We are very excited to start the second year of our much-acclaimed curriculum and teaching methods. There are many new things that have happened. We have made significant improvements in our infrastructure (please see other articles in newsletter), our curriculum, and staffing patterns. As you might have noted, we continue to improve and refine our curriculum every year...and this year is no exception – e.g. we have improved our coordination of the homework, classwork, and assessments. As the year progresses, we will continue our efforts to make it even better. If either parents or staff members have any suggestions, we will be delighted to take them into consideration.

Kindergarten Class of 2018

Our kindergarten class of 2017 has graduated and we are both sad and happy. Sad that they are leaving us but really happy they reached a major milestone in their life. Our class of 2017 did extremely well in their reading and writing as a whole – the vast majority of them reading at a Grade 1 or higher level (3 were reading at Grade 2 level!). We also continue to get feedback from our class of 2016 and are always delighted to hear that they have done extremely well.

Please note that if your child is in kindergarten because he/she was born after the September 1 birthday cutoff, then he/she will have to take a test to make it to Grade 1 in the public schools next year. The requirements vary from county to county and state to state but in general, testing is required. Even when testing is required, the type and difficulty of the test varies from county to county. Please make sure that you have researched which school you want your child to attend next year and inquire in detail what the requirements might be to test into Grade 1.

Staff Members for 2017-18

As is always the case at the start of the new academic year, there are many transitions in people's lives and teachers are no exceptions. We have a few new teachers starting with us. First, we would like to tell you that Ms. Lydia Provencio, our Director, will be focusing on a new career. Ms. Lydia has done a wonderful job and we are very sorry to see her leave. Ms. Tiffany Ngaya will be interim director until we can complete our search for a new Director. We are also delighted to inform you that Ms. Rachel Reilly will be joining us as a lead teacher and as Assistant Director. Additionally, we have Ms. Dakota Scott and Christine Thompson joining us in the two-year old and three-year old rooms respectively. We are delighted to have them become part of our family and ask all parents to give them a warm welcome.

We would like to mention that, as an industry, Early Education/Child Care has a high baseline teacher turnover rate. Whereas we, at The Primeron, strive to minimize this turnover, there will always be turnover as the year progresses. As a result, at any given time in your child's classroom, there might be a substitute teacher for a few weeks. We request your patience in this while we search for the ideal candidate.

The 2017-18 year promises to be a good one as we have a lot of great teachers and we are confident they will teach your children to their maximal potential...everyday!

Enhancements at The Primeron

From the start, we have continually invested in infrastructure so that our teachers and management can work seamlessly, efficiently, and in a pleasant environment. We have installed a new, state of the art, security system with 4- megapixel cameras that monitor the playground, parking lot, and of course the classrooms. We also updated the software on the facial recognition and fingerprint entry system. You must surely have noticed the new wooden floors throughout the center, the new wooden bookshelves, and other new furniture in the classrooms. We also purchased two new, large, refrigerators to make sure that there is adequate storage space for perishables for all children and teachers. Moreover, we invested in the latest computer systems and monitors (you can see them in action at the front desk as Ms. Rogers zips from one open window to the next!). As the year progresses we will continue to enhance the infrastructure.

Forms and Other Updates for Academic Year 2017-18

As the new year starts, here are some reminders.

1. Please note that it is required to review, initial, and sign the new Policy Agreement. This is not substantially different from the previous one – we have just added some extra information so that parents are informed. This document will ensure that you have read the new information available.

2. Please pay the Re-registration fee – which is due by September 1, 2017.

3. Please update and sign Emergency Contact form at the Front Desk. Per state regulations, parents are to update this every year!

4. Please note that breakfast ENDS at 8:20 am. If you bring your child after 8:20 am, there will be no breakfast available as the teachers have to start their class instruction by 8:30 am. NO EXCEPTIONS please! This rule will be strictly enforced.

5. We have noticed that some parents SPEED through our parking lot. Please SLOW down as this is a significant safety issue for our (and your) children.

Before and After School Program at Seven Oaks Elementary, Ridgeway Elementary and Meade Heights Elementary School

We are delighted to announce the initiation of Before and After School services at Meade Heights Elementary School. This is, of course, in addition to our continuing service for Seven Oaks Elementary and Ridgeway Elementary School. We decided to initiate services at Meade Heights due to numerous requests from parents. We hope the Before and After School Program will be a convenient service for parents at Meade Heights Elementary School.

Summer Program Comes to an End

Our summer program was a smashing success and we had our largest number of students ever sign up this year! We had many fun field trips (the most popular were the museum, ultimate playzone, and the animal farm – where all the animals such as Kangaroos, etc. were brought to The Primeron and children got to take pictures with them). Our summer program was popular for three major reasons: first, we don’t require parents to sign up for ALL the weeks – parents are free to choose whichever weeks they wish their child to attend summer camp. This gives families the freedom to go on vacations, etc., whenever they want. Second, the field trips were amazing. And third, our summer program is partially academic in nature, and so children don't forget their Mathematical concepts or English vocabulary by the time the new school year rolls around.