Newsletter February 13, 2017


What's New in 2017?

First we would like to thank all parents and staff for a successful 2016!  We have received a large amount of feedback on how much all our children are learning in their classrooms and this pleases us to no end!  After all our mission is "to educate our children to their maximal potential – everyday!" 

We are striving to improve many things in 2017.  First, infrastructure.  We have installed a state of the art phone system which allows more efficient and smooth communication between staff members, between classrooms, and between parents and The Primeron. The security system has been replaced with completely new, high resolution cameras that monitor all classrooms.  Please note that these cameras are for internal quality control and review and not for public viewing.  You will also have noticed a new, state of the art finger print and facial recognition door entry system.  We recognized that  for some parents it was difficult to use their fingers in the finger print scanner so we decided to install facial recognition for them.  Of course, everyone can use the facial recognition and that seems to be quite a hit with parents that have used it so far.  We also installed new floors in the Infant and Toddler rooms so that our children can have a nice, warm, homey environment to learn in.  We repainted the hallways (and will also be repainting the classrooms later in the year) to give The Primeron a fresh new look.  We purchased printers for every classroom so that homework and other learning materials can be printed right there in the classroom – thus improving efficiency.  Most importantly, we revised the salary structure for our staff members – thus increasing their pay rates.  The staff has done a wonderful job so far and it was time to increase salaries. 

We exist for the sole purpose of providing the best environment for your children to grow academically and socially and we anticipate these changes will help us accomplish that.  We welcome any suggestions parents or staff might have for continued improvement. 

Staffing Patterns  

As mentioned in our pervious letter, we are re-working our staffing strategy which will take several months to implement it.  Please note that early education in general has a 20-50% staff turnover rate nationwide and all centers need to deal with this intrinsic nature of the industry.  We have embarked on a strategy which will bring us closer to the lower end of this spectrum.  However, this will take us a few more months.  Already, however, we have seen some expected and positive results and we are confident we will continue to see improvements.  In the meantime, however, you might see teachers from time to time in your child's classroom whom you are familiar with but who have not necessarily been your child's specific teacher.  Please bear with us as we are in the process of determining optimal placement for teachers.  We are acutely aware of the importance of continuity and stability in the teacher-child relationship and are working hard to maintain that. 

Ms. Tiffany Ngaya, Assistant Director Academics is now working full time only on academics, on the KG and 1st Grade curriculum, and on teaching in the KG room.  As you are well aware, The Primeron places a significant emphasis on learning and academics and therefore Ms. Tiffany will now work on academics full time. 

Ms. Keshia Rogers, who will be replacing Ms. Tiffany Ngaya at the front desk, has been promoted to Assistant Director Operations and you will see her at the front desk henceforth.  She has so far done a great job and has very quickly grasped the basics of her position.  Please congratulate her on her new position.  

Summer Program 2017 

It's never too early to plan ahead!  Yes...we have already started planning our Summer 2017 program and registration forms are available at the Front Desk.  Parents in PreK1, PreK2, KG, and Before-After programs have already received a form requesting your interest in the summer program and also in your plans for 2017 academic year.  Please fill these out and return them to the front desk so that we can plan well ahead of time for the next year. 

The Summer 2017 program will have three clubs – English, Math, and Science.  Please look at our website ( (Programs -> Summer Program) for daily schedules. 

Kindergarten and 1st Grade 

We are now also in the process of planning our Kindergarten program for the next academic year.  Please note that we expect spots to be limited so if you are interested in placing your child in the KG program please make sure you sign up for it at the front desk.  Pease note that your child does NOT have to be 5 years old to attend KG since this is a private KG.  Yes, he/she will be eligible to join 1st grade in the public school system after attending our KG since we are a state-approved KG program. 

We are also initiating 1st Grade in August 2017 so that your children in KG can maintain the same high level of academic achievement they experienced in our KG.  Please let us know as soon as possible if you will be interested in your child joining 1st grade with us.  

We will be holding an introductory meeting and presentation on the KG and 1st grade programs on March 22, 2017 at the All American Steakhouse on Annapolis Road.  Invitations have been given out – please fill out the RSVP as soon as possible so that we can plan for the number of parents attending...and YES – DINNER WILL BE SERVED and it will be Delish!! 

Graduation 2017 – Kindergarten and eligible PreK1 and PreK2 students 

Yes...Yes...Yes...!!  Your children are growing up - and FAST!  They will be graduating soon and we are planning a great event that will leave you gasping for breath!  Please save the date – June 17, 2017 at 10 am (it is a Saturday).