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Over the past few years, our children have been faced with many challenges; distance learning and social isolation are just a couple. In addition, many school-age children are still catching up with core concepts such as math and literacy, which typically sees a decline during the Summer break under normal circumstances. Children may be left to start school next fall more behind than ever. The Primeron offers the perfect Summer Program for children 5-12 years of age that can expand their understanding of concepts they learned the previous school year in a fun and engaging way through fun activities and clubs.


Each day during the Summer Program, children are provided time to catch up on Math and Literacy skills and concepts through engaging in Club activities. These Clubs are geared towards reinforcing skills and concepts your child was introduced to the previous school year to help bridge the gap from year to year left during the Summer months. We also take the opportunity to introduce new concepts, giving them a head start for the next school year. These Clubs are designed with fun skill-building in mind!


Over the past few years, social development in young children has unfortunately taken a hit due to social distancing and virtual learning. For a couple of years, children only saw or interacted with others through a computer screen, causing them to miss out on key socialization they need to develop social skills. Our Summer Program provides a safe way for children to make friends and practice those ever-so-helpful social skills like conflict resolution, leadership, empathy, etc. Through games, Clubs, Field Trips, and even Cooking Activities, your child can build friendships that last a lifetime!


Summer is FUN! Our curriculum incorporates fun activities and reinforces core concepts. Autonomy, responsibility, and life skills are introduced through group activities and child-managed clubs. Daily outdoor sports, weekly field trips or in-house events, cooking activities, and games will make use of all that energy while providing valuable lessons in teamwork and the importance of responsibility. Let’s not forget Splash Day, Field Day, Pajama parties, Ice Cream Socials, and much more!


Math and Literacy are important parts of our everyday lives. If you feel your child needs to catch up with key concepts in mathematics, reading, or vocabulary or wishes to prepare for next year while having lots of fun, then our summer clubs are perfect for them. We will group your child with other children who are working on similar concepts, thus encouraging teamwork and communication. In our MATH CLUB, real-world life experience (time and money) will be used to reinforce mathematical concepts, offering a break from pencil and paper and a chance to understand these concepts on a deeper level. The LITERACY CLUB takes advantage of a group setting to encourage communication, the use of new vocabulary words, and reading comprehension. If your child needs fun ways to catch up or move ahead, our focus clubs are just what you’ve been looking for! Please see the detailed daily schedule below.